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Rehabilitation Gambling Togel in Psychological

Playing gambling will make a person addicted. Gambling addiction is a psychological disorder in which a person will continue to play without thinking rationally. Gambling rehabilitation must be done if a person begins to become addicted to gambling. These signs can be felt by the player or those around him.

As with alcohol or drug addiction, gambling addicts will feel bad when they are kept away from gambling. Some studies also mention that lottery gambling addiction has a more severe effect than drugs or alcohol.

The effects of gambling addiction are non-physical, meaning that this effect will attack a person’s psychological side. Therefore, psychological treatment is needed to rehabilitate gambling addicts. It is said that gambling addiction can be the fastest killer because of stress and depression.

In many cases, gambling addiction begins with fun and trial and error. To fulfill this curiosity, gamblers then play gambling with the type of their choice. For example lottery, casino, cockfighting, and others. When he wins, he will feel satisfied and want to play again to get more prizes.

However, this way of thinking is wrong. Gambling players who expect profits from gambling will feel a lot of losses because they lose playing. The chance to win for gambling players is very small, especially with the existence of cheating practices that will definitely make gambling players go bankrupt.

When a person is broke, he will feel depressed and stressed. Prolonged stress will cause depression. The most fatal thing is to make someone desperate to commit suicide. Then what can be done to rehabilitate people who are addicted to gambling so they can get out of betting games?

Gambling Addict Rehabilitation by Psychologist

Gambling rehabilitation, of course, must be carried out by people who are professionals and masters in their fields. The goal is to determine the right treatment and actually be treated medically. Of course this can be done by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist .

Until now, the problem of gambling addiction is still difficult to solve. This is because it relates to the desires of gambling addicts themselves. A person who wants to get rid of addiction and follow gambling rehabilitation must really wholeheartedly intend.

In addition, there must be consistent action taken so that they no longer approach gambling games in any form. In psychology, gambling addiction is a disorder. This disorder is called Pathological Gambling Disorder. Patients with this disorder are unable to control themselves playing gambling.

A study in Hong Kong conducted by several researchers illustrates that gambling has a very bad psychological impact. The study, entitled Gambling and Completed Suicide in Hong Kong: A Review of Coroner Court Files, showed that 233 people committed suicide due to gambling stress.

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The signs of a person who is addicted to gambling is that he cannot escape from gambling and will be restless when he cannot play. A person who is addicted to gambling will use all means to get betting money.

Treatment carried out by psychologists aims to relieve stress and behavioral therapy. This therapy is called cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. Psychologists will have a dialogue with people who are addicted to gambling. This dialogue is done to instill a mindset and change a person’s behavior.

This CBT therapy helps a gambling addict to be aware and resist the urge to return to the gambling table. This type of gambling rehabilitation requires concentration and strong intention to be successful and successful.

Drugs for Addiction Rehabilitation

Psychological actions must be carried out regularly and consistently so that the treatment and rehabilitation of gambling addicts is successful. Therapy is done aims to change the concept and mindset of a person so that they can change.

Another effort is to use drugs from a psychiatrist. Gambling addiction occurs because there is too much of the hormone dopamine and makes a person feel addicted. So the thing that can be done is to give antidepressant drugs.

Some types of drugs recommended by psychiatrists are lithium, nalmafene, and naltrexzone. The drug naltrexzone is believed to reduce a person’s desire to gamble. Naltrexzone has the property to suppress the production of endogenous opioid hormones by the brain. This compound usually makes a person perform irresistible impulsive actions.

This drug cannot be purchased freely. One has to do the consultation and be under expert supervision. Of course the use of these drugs has side effects that have an impact on the physical. For example, this drug can have an impact on pain in the digestive organs.

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Gambling rehabilitation must be carried out with proper supervision. The strong determination of gambling addicts also needs to be instilled from the start for their rehabilitation to be successful. Fill activities with positive things. Of course this is useful to divert attention so that gambling addicts don’t think about betting again.


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