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Poor Because of Gambling, This Businessman to Artist is Lose

Gambling is considered a lucrative game, although there is a poor because of gambling is behind it all. Many people suddenly became poor because of gambling. Bankruptcy in terms of material is of course a threat in playing gambling.

Since ancient times until now, gambling is not something foreign. People have known this game for a long time. The government has even banned the legalization of gambling in Indonesia. In some countries, gambling is also prohibited because it has a negative impact.

In gambling, almost all gamblers will experience poverty because big profits are only obtained from the bookie or gambling provider. If now, the most benefiting is the online gambling service site provider.

Even though they have been given warnings and warnings about the threat of gambling that makes a person bankrupt and poor, there are still many who play it. Many people, ranging from businessmen, conglomerates, artists, to the poor, play gambling. It feels like gambling has touched all layers universally.

Poor Because Gambling is Used as an Excuse to Make Money

This method is, of course, very wrong. When someone who comes from the poor plays gambling, then he will fall further into poverty because his money runs out.

There has never been a gambling addict who became rich because he continued to gamble. Despite having a luck factor in playing gambling, this betting game will still make someone poorer.

Poor because of gambling , this artist’s wife sues husband for divorce

The Indonesian entertainment world has been stirred up by the divorce case of Delon and Yeslin Wang. This talent search audition dropout singer has lived a home life for 7 years.

At the beginning of 2019, the Central Jakarta district court issued a decision on the divorce of the two. When asked by reporters, Yeslin only said that there were problems in his household without mentioning any specifics.

It was later discovered that Delon was involved in gambling and had him in debt. In this case, the assets owned by them were almost used up for gambling and paying off debts. There is even information that Yeslin Wang often pays for Delon’s gambling life.

Delon and Yeslin Wang Are Never Rumored

So far, the relationship between Delon and Yeslin Wang has never been rumored with bad news. So when Yeslin Wang filed for divorce from Delon, the public was surprised. This case shows that gambling has a bad effect because it causes poverty and other problems.

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Lawyer Jeslin Wang said that Delon’s gambling could make his wealth run out and he fell into poverty. They had to sell their jewelry, cars, and houses to pay off Delon’s gambling debts. Therefore, Yeslin Wang could not stand it because debt collectors approached him almost every day.

How severe the impact caused by this gambling. A person who falls into poverty because of gambling makes it difficult for them to survive other economic disturbances. Even as a result of gambling, the state of a person’s household can be destroyed and disrupted.

Leading Business CEO Threatened Poor Because of Gambling

Many cases of gambling that afflict many people make a person fall into poverty because of bankruptcy. Gambling addiction does make a person unable to control himself. As a result, they continue to place bets at the gambling table illogically.

One of the cases where a gambler fell into poverty was a businessman from China due to addiction. The CEO of a mobile phone manufacturer in China has suffered a very large amount of losses. Gionee Company is a manufacturer engaged in the manufacture of mobile phones. The company is headed by Liu Lirong.

In the company’s financial records, the company has debts worth 2.45 billion US dollars. The debt borne by this company has many details for factory operational activities. The company’s financial records then found something wrong with its finances.

As a result of this gambling, the company’s assets are poor

The amount of debt borne by the company increased after news that the CEO was involved in gambling. Liu Riong is known to have lost 10 billion yuan in gambling, or around Rp. 20 trillion. Suspicion arose to the CEO of this company.

However, Liu Riong denied any suspicions that he used company funds to gamble. He also clarified that he only lost 1 billion yuan in gambling. Although evasive, there is still further investigation into whether he misappropriated the company’s money or not.

It is known to the public recently that Gionee’s debt, which reaches trillions of rupiah, has a lot of controversy. Even so, this company can survive in seventh position as a mobile phone manufacturer in China. There is the potential to fall into poverty and go bankrupt if the CEO gets involved in gambling again.

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With this case, of course, further proves that gambling can cause a person to be poor. The bankruptcy of gambling players at the gambling table is a sure thing. Millions to billions of money can disappear instantly by playing gambling. So stay away from gambling so you don’t fall into poverty and go bankrupt because there is no benefit.


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