What is Bingo Game Rules

Everyone knows the game of bingo and luckily the associated rules are not too difficult. We explain how bingo works according to general bingo game rules. You have to get information about bingo rules below.


Bingo Game Rules by Variants

Bingo can be played in two variants. You can play bingo with 75 balls, then you have a card of 5×5 squares and you can play bingo with 90 balls and then you have a playing card of 9×3 squares. We will explain the rules of the game for both variants.

Bingo Game Rules with 75 balls

The bingo game rules for this variant are the same rules you were always used to when you play bingo elsewhere. You play with a 5×5 bingo card, so 25 squares. The middle square is given away for free as a lure. The bottom line is that you have to fill 24 spaces for a full bingo card.

  • Column B contains 5 numbers from the series 1-15
  • The I column has 5 numbers from the range 16-30
  • The N-column 5 numbers from the series 31-45
  • The G-column 5 numbers from the range 46-60
  • The O-column 5 numbers from the series 61-75

The bingo game rules are very simple, the balls ‘fall’ one by one. In the past you had a game leader who constantly turned and a ball fell out every time, now it all goes automatically. If you have the number on your bingo card, cross it off. 

You have a full card because you have crossed off all the numbers drawn, you have bingo. When you play online bingo, you don’t have to call for bingo, but you will immediately see on your screen that you have won.

Bingo Game Rules : Winning at 75 balls

At 75 balls you can already win prizes by filling a first win-line, the prizes will increase if you have also played a second, third or fourth win-line and of course a full card. You only win the top prize if you have a full card. 

There are also bingo jackpots that you can win, you then participate in a bingo room. You win this jackpot if you have a full card at 48 drawn balls or less. The progressive jackpot is for the bingo player who already has a full bingo card within 42 balls.

Bingo Game Rules : Variant with a Pattern

There is also the bingo variant when you play with 75 balls, where you do not have to make lines to win a prize, but you have to play a certain pattern. If you play with multiple cards, a pattern is not immediately visible. This makes this variant very entertaining, so sometimes you win without even realizing it.

Bingo Game Rules : Winning at 90 balls

The variant with 90 balls is slightly different than you are used to with 90 balls. Yet it is the most popular variant of the game Bingo. You would also know this variant under the name ‘kienen’. The game rules of both games are very similar but the goal remains the same as playing 75 balls bingo, bingo card full. 

You have 15 numbers on your bingo card that are spread over 5 rows. When you have ticked all these 15 numbers, you win the main prize.

Differences Win Possibilities

You can win three standard prizes for 90 balls of bingo. You already win a small prize if you play a win-line full. When you complete two win-lines, you win a slightly larger prize. But of course you win the biggest prize if you play a full card. 

The prize can be even higher if you participate in a bingo room. If you play a full card within 40 drawn balls you will receive a jackpot, even if it happens within 32 balls, the jackpot will be even higher.

Play with Maximum Bingo Cards

When you start playing online bingo, we recommend that you play with the maximum number of bingo cards. When you play bingo strategically, it will increase your own winning chances. By buying the maximum amount of cards you have to keep in mind that you are not playing with a high limit.

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