How To Deal With The Most Trusted Gambling Crazy Husband

Gambling for many people is forbidden and should not be done. Gambling games are of course prohibited by law and religion. What if someone is desperate to gamble? How to deal with a gambling-crazy husband?

People who are addicted to gambling will go crazy with all kinds of bets. His madness for gambling will make a person do all the actions in order to get money. This method is done by them without paying attention to other impacts.

The result of this crazy gambling act is the increasing crime rate. People will be more and more restless with people who are crazy about gambling until addiction cannot be stopped.

For families who have gambling family members, of course it will be very inconvenient. Especially if the gambling addict is the husband or head of the family. He will do many ways to get back to the gambling table. The money that should have been used to buy basic necessities was turned into betting money.

A gambling-mad husband will create a lot of problems in domestic life. Wife and children will also bear the risk of this gambling crazy act. Households will be easily overwhelmed by conflict because of gambling. How should a wife deal with a gambling-mad husband?

The Story of a Wife Facing a Gambling Crazy Husband

Household stories are always colored with many problems that befall them. These problems appear one by one from small to big things. Husbands and wives who are in a household bond must face all the problems that exist, including gambling madness. how does she deal with a gambling-mad husband?

Once upon a time a boy friend always came with a gloomy state. After being questioned, he said he had just had a fight with his wife. This man’s monthly income is left to his wife, as a husband he is responsible for the task of providing for him.

He quarreled because the wife did not give money when the husband asked for a necessity. At that time he told me that his wife was too stingy in distributing money to him even though he was the one who worked hard.

After further investigation, the reason the wife did not give money for free was because the money was always used up for gambling by the husband. This man is the type of husband who is crazy about gambling and gambles almost every week. The wife always firmly refused to give money if for this reason even had to fight.

Financial Accounting Analysis And Clear Attitude

This man’s wife has a clear financial calculation analysis and attitude. For him, he doesn’t want the money to be spent on gambling. It doesn’t matter for her to be called a stingy wife as long as financial management can be arranged properly.

Several relatives and friends suggested that she should just divorce because the husband is very gambling addict. But he considers the condition of his children if they have to divorce. He did not want to destroy the foundation of the family.

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The way the wife did to this gambling mad husband was to firmly refuse when asked for money. The wife also always advises her husband every day. Even though it didn’t work, she kept trying in the hope that her husband would repent from this gambling madness.

For the wife, divorce is the last resort if the husband can no longer control gambling. She will remain firm and try her best to wake her husband from addiction and gambling madness.

What is the Law of Divorce as if the Husband is Addicted to Gambling

Marriage relationships don’t always run smoothly. There are always obstacles and challenges that come. One of the toughest problems is dealing with a gambling-mad husband. The wife has to face the behavior of her husband who is addicted to gambling and spending money.

A wife certainly does not want to deal with a husband who is crazy about gambling. High economic needs with available money are sometimes not able to meet. Especially if you add spending on gambling.

When the wife often advises her husband to leave gambling and it doesn’t work. The last method used is divorce. Divorce is the last resort when a household problem cannot be resolved.

For a wife who has a gambling-mad husband and it is very difficult to deal with it, there is the potential for other problems to occur. For example, not meeting household needs, fighting all the time, it can even lead to domestic violence.

If all roads have been taken and the wife feels a lot of harm. So she can file for divorce from her husband. The law of divorce in this case is permissible according to religion. In Islam there are two terms used in filing for divorce by the wife.

The term divorce by the wife in Islam is referred to as Fasakh and Khulu. Fasakh occurs when divorce is filed by the wife without being asked to return the dowry. One of the reasons is that the husband commits bad and harmful actions, such as gambling madness. While Khulu is a divorce filed by the wife by returning the dowry by the husband.

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So, it is legal if there is a wife who divorces her husband because she cannot cope with a husband who is crazy about gambling. This is also done to prevent more negative actions received by the wife.


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