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Gambling Gods List of Hits, Some are Targeted by the FBI to Good at Mathematics

If you are a 90s generation gambling gods, of course you still have strong memories of our childhood which was so happy and unforgettable. One of the most awaited moments at that time was watching Mandarin action films. Not only likes watching Mandarin films which show two bald-headed little boys from a shaolin college, but also watching Mandarin films about the legendary gambling gods . 

Movies, especially if not gambling gods .

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Besides being amazed by the various cool actions of Chow Yun Fat while showing off his gambling tricks, we are also often made to laugh by the hilarious antics of Andy Lau , Stephen Chow , and Uncle Ng Man-tat . Where is known as the king of comedy in Hong Kong cinema.

From these gambling films, we used to think whether the gambling gods really exists in the real world? 

Maybe the question is still lodged in our subconscious. And, without realizing it we may have and often think about it.

Is it true that the gambling gods really exists in the real world? 

The answer is yes!

Gambling Gods Of List in the Real World

There are a number of people who have the ability to gamble above the average of the other players. They are then dubbed the gambling gods in the real world.

Curious who got the nickname of the gambling gods ? Let’s look at the following information.

Dewa Judi Blackjack Zeljko Ranogajec


Zeljko Ranogajec has been dubbed the best blackjack gambling gods in the world. Of course this nickname is given with various evidences of his ‘achievement’ in the gambling industry. In particular, in the game of blackjack .

This man of Croatian descent is an Australian citizen. He and his wife, from the beginning to pursue the profession as a professional blackjack player. 


Ranogajec studied at the University of Tasmania. The Department of Finance and Law is the major of choice. For some reason, he then moved to study at the University of South Wales in Sydney.

Shortly after undergoing his activities as a student, he then decided to quit college. It happened because he intended to focus on the gambling industry.

With the permission of his wife, Ranogajec finally tried his profession as a professional blackjack player. 

His career as a professional blackjack player is fairly good. He so dominates in every blackjack competition, both world level competition and ordinary competition.

Counting only a few times the gambling gods blackjack has lost. The rest, he gains victory.  

As a professional blackjack player, Ranogajec often places very large nominal bets. The blackjack game skills that he showed off were also amazing.

No wonder this man who is not young anymore often gets a lot of praise from famous people, including from his fellow blackjack players. 

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Skills: Blackjack, Keno Jackpot and Horse Racing

The nickname of the gambling gods blackjack gambling does not mean that Ranogajec is only good at playing blackjack. Facts say that Ranogajec is also very adept at playing two other games, namely Jackpot Keno and horse racing. Once he set a new record as the only player to win a Keno Jackpot game of 7.5 million Australian dollars.

Together with his syndicate, Ranogajec also dominates the horse racing gambling industry. In fact, he was once accused of collaborating with the largest gambling company in Australia, TabCorb, for often winning horse racing bets. Both parties allegedly share the profits from this gambling. Both sides dispute this issue. 

Ranogajec’s secret to always winning horse racing is the syndicate he named Bankroll. This syndicate consists of several people, each member has expertise, such as computer experts, mathematicians, data analysts, and observers of horse racing gambling. 

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FBI Targeted gambling gods Paul Phua

Paul Phua is a Kalimantan resident who has been living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From his youth until his late days, Phua was known as a simple gambling gods. This simple attitude is part of the habit of a Phua who has always adopted a simple lifestyle considering his past that was full of difficulties. 

In the midst of a difficult period of his life as a laborer, Phua continues to channel his hobby, namely playing gambling, especially poker at a casino near where he lives. Because the casino where he used to play was not a big casino, the profits were not much. From this alone, we know that Phua is indeed talented in playing poker. This is evidenced by the many victories he has won. 

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The Starting Point of Paul Phua’s Success

Phua apparently has aspirations to get a better life. Armed with this dream, he then decided to move to the city of Macau, the largest gambling center in Asia. There he worked as a banquet operator for VIP guests in a stately casino

On the sidelines of his busy life as an operator, he often uses a little of his free time to play his favorite gambling, poker. And amazing. He always wins. After winning continuously, Phua, with the capital now in hand, decides to become a poker player at the casino where he works. Well, from here the beginning of the success of a Paul Phua began to appear. 

Pua’s Career as Gambling Gods Poker Gambling in Macau

Success after success has been achieved by this gambling gods poker gambling. Phua then became a professional poker player in 2011. In this new community, Phua’s name is juxtaposed with the names of other great poker players such as Patrik Antonius, Chau Giang, Phil Ivey, and Tom Dwan. It only took a year, Phua suddenly made a new achievement, namely he managed to win the world poker competition aka WSOP with a prize of 1 million USD or 15 billion if it was converted into rupiah. 

Other victories Phua also get quite easily. For example, when he defeated Richard Young with a total prize of 24 billion rupiah. During the Aspers competition, Phua won easily for the High Roller category with a winning prize of 100,000 Pounds Sterling. 

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Phua is targeted by the FBI

Phua has never had a bad rumor. He was accused of running an illegal business with 7 colleagues. The alleged illegal business had something to do with the soccer betting business, which at that time was being held at the 2014 World Cup. 

These allegations were not proven and Phua’s name was temporarily removed from the FBI’s wanted list. Although until now he is still under the supervision of the FBI, Phua is still relaxed in carrying out his profession as a professional poker player. Phua is now known as a successful entrepreneur. He has a number of assets in the form of several casino units spread across several gambling center countries such as Las Vegas, Melbourne, Hong Kong, and London. 

The Gambling Gods John Juanda from Indonesia, Famous Generous


Who does not know this figure. The name John Juanda itself is very well known abroad, especially in the United States, because of his extraordinary achievements.

In Indonesia, this name has only recently become popular. Because there are so many media reporting it. However, for fans of the betting world, this figure is very well known. It might be an inspiration for Indonesian online gambling players.

Poker players in particular, may be familiar with the name John Juanda.

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Mini Biography

John Juanda is a native of Indonesia. He was born in Medan and is of Chinese descent. The man who is now 49 years old has indeed moved to the United States from a young age to complete his undergraduate education at Oklahoma State University. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, JJ (John Juanda’s nickname) then continued his master’s studies at the University of Seattle. 

Well, to spend his free time during his master’s degree in Seattle, John Juanda often visited the casino near his mess to play his favorite poker.

Apparently he just realized that he has talent in the game of poker. The proof is that he often wins games against other players. From a hobby then turned into a dream: to become a professional poker player.

Achievements in the WSOP Event

John Juanda first participated in a world-class poker competition, exactly 3 years after he received his master’s degree in management. With confidence, he joined the WSOP in 1999. Even though he was only ranked 9th, he said he was satisfied. As the 9th place winner, he received a cash prize of 1,500 USD. 

Apparently the 1999 WSOP was just the beginning of John Juanda’s career. The reason is, at the 2002 WSOP event, John Juanda proved that he was able to become the best poker player in the world at that time. He won the 2002 WSOP. A year later he repeated his best achievement, which was the 2003 WSOP champion. 

Having lost several times in the next WSOP event did not make him disappointed. On the contrary, he proved again that he is still worthy of being called the gambling gods world poker gambling by winning the 2008 WSOP. Then he also became the first champion in the 2011 and 2014 WSOP events. That is, John Juanda has won the WSOP 5 times. 

John Juanda’s Generous Nature: Wants to Build a Free Health Facility

John Juanda is well known as a philanthropist. He even has a dream when he retires from the profession of a professional poker player later, he wants to build a free health facility for those in need. 

This dream has been around for a long time. John Juanda is aware that the various victories he has won and the talent that has now made him a successful poker player is a blessing from God. As his gratitude, he then intends to build a free health facility as mentioned above. 

Stanley Ho, Macau Gambling Legend


Stanley Ho is arguably a unique person. The title he bears as Macau’s gambling Gods makes us think he is a person who really likes gambling. The fact is not so. Ho is the only god of gambling who actually doesn’t like gambling. The reason is only one: he is impatient when playing gambling. Even so, he actually had a god-class gambling talent. 

Stanley Ho himself is known as a successful businessman in Shanghai. He is a shareholder in many large companies both in China and outside China. He also owns the ‘kingdom’ of the casino business in Macau and in several locations of the world’s gambling centers. SJM became an icon of Stanley Ho’s success. 

Ho apparently has a very important role for the development of Macau City which was not as successful as it is today. Macau used to be a semi-autonomous city. Ho then turned it into one of the largest gambling centers in the world, especially in Asia. 

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Mini Biography

Stanley Ho is one of Macau’s famous business patriots. He was born into the Hotung family, the most successful and respected family clan in China. Ho was born on November 21, 1921. When he was still young, when he was 13 years old, his father ran away because his business was destroyed. After the death of his father, Ho and his family were stressed. 

Ho grew up and then studied at the University of Hong Kong. Unfortunately he did not continue his studies because of World War II. During the war, Ho was employed in communications and served as an operator. Ho then ran away because he was depressed while working as an operator. 

Boarding a ship, Ho arrived in Macau. At that time, Macau was a neutral area. Here he met many other refugees from China. To meet his needs, Ho every night smuggled goods and in the morning he sold the contraband. 

After getting enough capital, Ho then set up a small casino business in Macau. Apparently this business is in great demand. In a short time, his casino business was successful and made Ho a successful businessman. This is where Ho got the nickname the Macau gambling gods. He was really grateful that with only 10 dollars in capital, he could make millions of dollars when he was not even 20 years old. The spirit needs to be imitated, guys. 

Blackjack King Michael Shackleford, The Great Maths


Michael Shackleford is our closing gambling gods today. His name is so famous because in addition to being good at playing blackjack, Shackleford is also good at Mathematics. Since childhood he was fond of algebra. Then as a teenager, he liked to associate anything with statistical calculations, even when he wanted to park his vehicle, he used his Math skills to get the parking spot he wanted.


Did you know, Shackleford even changed majors in college just because the major he chose before, namely majoring in computer science, was considered less challenging. In order to suit his favorite science, he decided to take two majors at once, namely Mathematics and Economics. His undergraduate education was completed simultaneously in 1988. 

Shortly after graduating, Shackleford worked as an actuary. Actuary is a profession in finance and risk. Its main task is to create procedures and policies that can reduce risk in a company. Usually this profession is selling well, its services are used in insurance companies. 


Shackleford is not arbitrary in choosing a job. He was apparently an actuary in an independent agency belonging to the US government. Shackleford worked at this institution for approximately 8 years. After retiring, he switched professions as a professional blackjack player as he dreamed of since he was young.

With the full support of his wife, Shackleford enjoyed his career as the best blackjack player in the world as well as a mathematician. His series of achievements have earned him the nickname of the gambling gods blackjack gambling. 

Shackleford’s Books and Video Games

Shackleford has also written a book containing strategies for winning various casino games. The book is entitled Gambling 102, The Best Strategies for All Casino Games . He and a colleague have also created and patented a video game which they named Double Draw Video Poker Games . 

These two works are now in demand by those who like to play casino games and video games. Many players like Shackleford’s book because it helps them a lot. There are many new knowledge they learn from the book by this mathematician. 

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