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Understand the Principles of Online Gambling in Japan

Understand the principles of online gambling in Japan. Online gambling has become a huge part of the fun and entertainment industry, especially for casinos. Casinos are becoming more popular with the addition of online casinos, making them almost inevitable no matter where you are, at any time.

The industry is set to generate a staggering $262 billion in 2019, up more than $13 million from the previous year. Despite this huge success, the pandemic has had a negative impact on the industry, but when things get back to normal, it is on its way back to business.

Due to its disturbing effects, it is banned in some countries. Despite working overtime, it is slowly gaining acceptance in these countries. Japan was one of the newer countries that slowly started legalizing gambling in 1718 until it was banned indefinitely in 1907.

Recently, due to a 2018 law, opened physical casinos to legalize casino gambling with restrictions. Gambling in Japan requires a fine line between legal and illegal. Here is the guide.

Is gambling illegal in Japan?

Gambling is an activity that is marginalized in Japan due to the rules and prohibitions that have historically existed in Japan. Most forms of gambling are illegal except on the internet which is difficult for the government to regulate. This means that many online casinos have started growing their business online.

Nowadays you can find casino websites like Japan-101 which can help you find the most popular games by checking out the best casinos and the promotions and bonuses they offer. This could be a good solution for people looking for such entertainment considering how limited it is in Japan.

While the rules around gambling are strict, there is a breath of fresh air in the industry through integrated resorts with casinos being allowed to stay open until certain times.

What forms of gambling are legal?

Gambling has a bad reputation in Japan, but there are still some forms of gambling that are allowed. Some of these are horse racing games of chance, some are auto racing and pachinko. Recently, casinos have seen a surge with the introduction of integrated resorts to host them.

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While legal, many of these forms of online gambling are limited by betting limits. Also, players are not allowed to withdraw their winnings from games like Pachinko. In exchange, they are given tokens which they can use to receive rewards.

What are the most popular forms of gambling?

By far the most popular game of chance in Japan is pachinko. It is estimated to generate $200 billion in sales in 2018. Pachinko has around 13,000 salons across Japan with different colors and flashes to attract passersby for fun. Pachinko’s goal is to throw a silver ball bearing into the center of the hole by turning a wheel that moves it.

Various jumping needles block the ball to its destination, from which the ball bounces. The adventure of bringing the ball to its destination through different obstacles with different color themes and lights is what makes it so interesting. In addition, there are tokens that can be obtained for profit.

How big is the market?

You would never imagine that a fun and entertaining game would match the GDP of a country. In the case of gambling in Japan, this is the case. Their industry accounts for 30 times the annual gambling revenue of Las Vegas, twice the income from Japanese car exports, and more than New Zealand’s GDP.

It also employs more than ten of Japan’s largest automakers and accounts for more than half of the country’s recreational activities. All this with the current restrictions that have hindered the establishment of casinos. But with laws developed in 2018 deregulating and making casinos easier to operate, the sky could be the limit when it comes to customer profits and revenue.


Japan has a long history of hostile gambling, marked by prohibitions, restrictive regulations, and a bad reputation for gamblers and gambling. Recent advances have made it more acceptable and have also increased the chances of casinos to play online gambling in Japan. For the choice of online gambling sites, you can visit trusted online bandarqq sites. / Dy

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