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3 Important Review Kronos Slot Game Online That You Must Know

One of the most popular slot game online is Kronos, a slot machine from manufacturer WMS (Williams). Kronos is a god of Greek antiquity; he is the father of Zeus.

The Kronos slot also has all kinds of classic symbols, such as a Greek temple, the flying horse Pegasus and a lion’s head as a joker. Moreover, Kronos is quite reminiscent of an elderly hipster version of Jesus. Only in judi online proven to pay all your winnings.

Then, you should know this review game so you can play it easily and get a lucky chance.

Review Kronos Slot Game Online

1. The Game Features in Kronos

Kronos has 5 reels with 20 paylines, which you can play from $0.01 per payline. The minimum bet is therefore 20 cents per spin.

The basic game of this slot speaks for itself: three or more of the same symbols from the left reel yield a prize.

However, the Kronos symbols also count from right to left. This is beneficial, because this symbol yields the highest prizes by far. In addition, these symbols are ‘stacked’ on the reels. Therefore, you have a chance to get a prize on many paylines at the same time.

When three or more gold coins appear on the reels, the feature will be started. Then, you will get a number of free spins.

  • 3 coins = 10 free spins
  • 4 coins = 25 free spins
  • 5 coins = 100 free spins

During the feature there are extra Kronos symbols and jokers on the reels, so your chance of a ‘big win’ is extra high.

2. The 1000 Spins on Kronos

As you know, we played 1000 spins on Kronos at $0.40 per spin. The total bet was $400.

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Kronos turns out to be a whimsical slot machine. It can just barely give 100 or more spins in a row.

We experienced this firsthand. During the first 200 spins, the bonus does not fall and the other prizes do not last. After 200 spins, the counter is $56.00 in the red. ah!. 

Afterwards the mood of the slot machine changes shortly. In one spin, the head of Kronos appears in 12 of the 15 spaces. This results in a ‘Super Big Win’ of $82.20. In other words, 205.5 x the bet.

Kronos is also very fickle for the rest of the test session. In addition, the free spins feature starts 6 times. Sometimes that results in a good price, for example $15.90. However, there is also a feature with a ‘profit’ of only $0.50.

Fortunately, just before the end, the slot gives another screen half full of Kronos symbols. Good for a big win of $45.80. As a result, we were at $27.30 after 1000 spins.

3. The Result in Kronos

After we experienced playing in Kronos, we got some results. 

  • Result after 1000 spins at $0.40: $27.30 profit
  • Five biggest wins: $82.20 / $45.80 / $15.90 / $14.60 / $13.20
  • How often the feature: 6x
  • On average you get the feature 1x per 167 spins
  • Average winning feature: $7.50
  • The payout percentage (RTP) according to WMS is: 95.94%

In conclusion, Kronos is a super exciting slot game online even though this slot can be nasty for a while and barely give up, only to make up for it in one fell swoop with a ‘super big win’ of more than 200 times your stake.

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