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Gambler’s Punishment For Togel In The World And The Hereafter

Playing lottery is an act that is prohibited by the state and religion has an impact on the gambler’s punishment . Togel has a bad impact on oneself and others. Then what is the punishment for lottery gamblers themselves? With the punishment and punishment of gambling players, it is hoped that it will make them even more deterrent.

The punishment for lottery gambling players can be given both in the world and in the hereafter. Allah SWT forbids lottery gamblers to bet because it is the same as drawing fate for things that are not good. Islam strictly forbids this act because it is a useless activity.

In the Qur’an it is also stated that lottery or maysir gambling activities are bad deeds. This activity is only done by the devil so that humans spread hatred to each other and prevent someone from remembering Allah SWT.

Maysir itself is all kinds of actions which contain elements of betting. Gambling according to Islam can take any form, for example betting on objects or guesswork. This prohibition also includes lottery activities.

When the Qur’an has prohibited lottery, then one should not approach it. If someone is determined to violate this rule, of course there are consequences that must be accepted for this action. The punishment for gambling players is certainly very hard.

The received by lottery gamblers punishment in the world

Togel from the past until now has not been accepted by the community. People view lottery and other types of gambling as negative actions. This is because it is not in accordance with religious teachings and norms prevailing in society.

For lottery addicts and gamblers, there are many punishments that can befall him. This punishment is a form of revenge for the actions of lottery gambling players. The punishment of Allah SWT. It can be given in this world or in the hereafter.

The Punishment Received by Lottery Gambling Players

When in the world, the punishment received by lottery gambling players can be material or non-material loss. The most common is property bankruptcy. Someone who is addicted to playing lottery gambling will lose a lot of money. His wealth can be sold out instantly because of losing bets.

Many people who are addicted to lottery gambling end up having to lose all their wealth because they can’t resist playing gambling. In fact, after his wealth was drained, he had to be involved in a lot of debt. Someone who has gone bankrupt because of gambling and is in debt will not be calm in living his life.

Some rich people who play gambling, such as business people and artists lose a lot of money to the value of billions. This makes the feeling of stress even more peaked and the pressure of life even higher. Though the money spent in gambling can be used for other things.

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In addition to material bankruptcy, someone who is addicted to playing lottery will be shunned and ostracized by society. People will view lottery gambling addicts as negative people. This punishment is a social sanction for those who disobey and remain a lottery gambling player.

A person who is bankrupt, in debt, shunned by society will certainly not be calm in living his daily life. He will feel depressed and overcome with regret. There are also many cases of lottery gamblers who went bankrupt and were abandoned by their families.

The doom in this world is a small reward received for disobeying the rules. Lottery gamblers who have felt this punishment must repent and ask forgiveness from Allah SWT. to have his sins forgiven.

Religious Gambler’s Punishment for Togel Gambling Players

Allah SWT. prohibits humans from playing lottery gambling and other gambling. The aim is to provide a guide for life so as not to lead astray. Those who violate it will be given the appropriate punishment in the hereafter.

In Islamic law that is still being applied, for example in Aceh, the jinayah law stipulates that lottery gamblers will be punished with 12 lashes. In addition, the punishment given can be in the form of 12 months imprisonment or 120 grams of gold.

The threat of punishment in hell is also given to those who disobey and continue to gamble. Even though Islam has confirmed that lottery gambling is an illegal act, there are still many people who are reckless and play it secretly. It’s a pity, isn’t it?

Even though there is a threat of doom for lottery players who insist on playing the lottery. In a hadith it is explained that someone who violates Allah’s rules will be put into hell and its punishment.

” Some people are engulfed in the fire of hell up to their ankles, some are up to their knees, some are devoured up to their waists and some are tortured up to the nape of their necks .” (HR. Muslim)

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So scary is the torture and punishment given to these lottery addicts and gamblers. May Allah SWT. always keep us away from all bad and vile deeds. By staying away from all the prohibitions, life will be better and free from punishment both in this world and in the hereafter.


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