Could Discovery of “Master Hormone”

Could Discovery of Master Hormone

Weight loss researchers believe they may have discovered the “master hormone” responsible for weight gain in women. They believe that regulating this hormone could be the key to rapid weight loss – and keeping the weight off.

This hormone, called leptin, is also known as the “satiety hormone” because it’s what prevents you from feeling hungry. It is thought that women process this hormone differently from men, which is why most women find traditional weight loss so difficult.

The researchers believed that, if they targeted leptin production with a specialized diet and fitness routine, they could speed up the weight loss process in women. The results were amazing – by making simple lifestyle changes, women were able to lose dramatic amounts of fat in as little as 2 weeks.

It works by triggering a process called “metabolic override” in the body, in which your body’s metabolism is sped up. This leads to quicker weight loss, as well as targeting of fat cells.

Researchers urge people not to think of this as a “miracle cure” – women hoping to lose weight still need to take specific actions. Still, by using a diet and exercise routine specifically targeting leptin, most women can see rapid results – more so than with other diet and exercise routines.

Currently, the only diet and exercise program specifically designed to target leptin in women is called Venus Factor, and it’s only available online. As more women see dramatic results from this process, it’s expected that more programs will become available, but as of press time Venus Factor is the only such product on the market.

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