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Gambling Tutorial: What is Ceme Poker Online and How to Play it?

Gambling Tutorial: What is Ceme Poker Online and How to Play it? Those Of you who play poker must know very well that there are many different types of poker games. Today we have some types of poker games played around the world, such as Texas stud poker, texas holdem, draw poker, community poker, etc. But have you heard about a variant of poker game named ceme poker online ?

ceme poker online is one of online version poker games that are quite popular in Asia and Europe. This variant of poker is usually offered in some gambling sites that you can find on Google.

Through this article, we will explain this variant of this online poker to you. Feels Interesting to know? If you are, you can check our explanation below.


Introducing Ceme Poker Online

Ceme poker can be said to be very similar to the card game “Domino QQ”. The pattern and rule of play matches almost the same. This game is played using 28 cards. Each card will have its own value. Even though we said that ceme poker and domino QQ match almost the same, both of them have differences.

The difference is in how many cards are given to players. In Domino QQ, players will be given 4 domino cards. But in Ceme Poker, players only will have 2 domino cards on their side. 

How to Play Ceme Poker Online

Talking about how to play ceme poker, actually the pattern is quite simple. This game can be played by a maximum of 8 players and a minimum of 2 players. The game starts when the dealer gives cards to players. Each player will have 2 domino cards on their hand. Players have the right to check their card strength.

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Card strength is the total value of the cards in the player’s hand. For example, if a player has 2 cards, each of them has value 5 and 2, it means card strength of player’s cards are 5+2=7. As information, the highest value in ceme poker is 9 and the lowest is 0.  So if a player wants to win the game, the player needs to have cards with value equal or close to 9.

After players have checked their card strength, players need to show the cards that they have and compare them to cards that the dealer has. If the total value of cards that player has is higher than dealer’s, the player will be decided as the winner.

Site to Play Ceme Poker Online

If you want to play this card game, it can be done so easily right now. It is because there are many gambling sites that offer this game as one of their services. But make sure you are careful when you choose it, because there are many scamming sites out there.

Personally, we recommend you to choose gambling site that uses trusted gambling providers like IDNPlay. IDNPlay is one of trusted and popular gambling providers in Asia and Europe. There are many professional gambling sites that use their service. This gambling provider also has a lot of games that you can play besides ceme poker. 

That is all explanation about ceme poker online that we can share to you. We hope this information will be useful. Do not forget to check our latest article that we will update every day. Thank you. / Dy

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