Cooking Techniques For Maximum Flavour

Cooking Techniques For Maximum Flavour

If you are trying to lose weight, you may have dramatically changed the amounts and types of foods you are eating.

However there are some methods of cooking that can sneak in extra calories, so in order to keep your meal as healthy as possible it is always best to use cooking methods which will reduce fat and contribute to your weight loss and healthy living.

Cooking at home is perfect as you are in control of the way food is made and how it is cooked.

One way is to throw away all those lards, high fat butters and margarines and replace them with healthy cooking alternatives such as extra virgin olive oil and low fat spreads.

When it comes to meats it is always best to marinade them first. The reason for this is that when meat has been marinated it breaks down the muscle fibres so the meat becomes very moist. Because of this there will be no need to add additional oils when cooking which will in turn cancel out adding extra calories. This will work best if grilling meat. If possible avoid frying at all times as the oil will add in lot more unhealthy calories into the meal and hinder your attempt at weight loss.

If you opt for fish rather than meat make sure you do not fry it. Fish is jam packed filled with good fats such as Omega 3 which the body needs. The body can not create these fats so it essential we get them from foods such as fish. We do not want to ruin these good fats by cooking them in unhealthy fats. If you prefer your fish to be moist you can always marinade it as with meat. Just by changing your cooking method in this manner and avoiding frying will save your body from consuming lots of unhealthy calories.

If a particular meal you are cooking does require frying of some sort then it is always best to opt for stir frying. This method of cooking requires only a small amount of cooking oil. All that is needed is one tablespoon of oil. This is then placed in the wok and spread around so the side and base of the wok are coated. Meat and vegetables can then be cooked healthily in this limited amount of oil. Also, due to the small amount of oil used there is no need for drainage.

Steaming is another excellent way to cook food without adding additional unnecessary fats and calories. Steaming is particularly good with rice and vegetables and locks in all the nutrients and flavour.

If you switch you cooking methods and cut back on certain types of spreads and cooking oils you can save yourself a large amount of calories and make you meal much healthier.

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