How to Play Qiu Qiu

Qiu Qiu game is played by 7 players in total. Six of the players are players and one must be the dealer. This game must be played with approximately 1 dealer and several other players. The table does not have to be full if you want to play Qiu Qiu. In the dominoqq online website, all players and also the dealer will receive 1 card. This card will be dealt by the dealer who has been selected at the table. Qiu Qiu game is very similar to how it is played with a double game. If in a double game, the number of cards used is 2 cards.

In the Qiu Qiu game, you must compete cards with the dealer. When competing cards, you must be able to know the level and value of the card from small to large. Some of the most powerful cards are the doubles. A double card is a card that has the same value on the left and on the right. This means there are 7 doubles in total in a domino set. Starting from double 6 to double 0. This is the level of cards from large to small.

But there are also other card levels below the double card. The second largest line of cards is a card that has a 6 on one side. With this card, there will be 6 cards that are worth 6 at one end. An example is a card with a dot 6 on the left and 4 on the right. This sequence continues to the card that has a value of 5, then 4 and so on until it approaches the smallest card. In the Qiu Qiu game, double 6 has the card with the highest value. While the card with the smallest value is the card with sides 0 and 1.

How to Play Qiu Qiu
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The uniqueness of Qiu Qiu at PKV Games

The Qiu Qiu game has a uniqueness that other games don’t have. Qiu Qiu can be compared to other domino games such as online dominoes, adu q, and card games such as capsa and online poker. However, Qiu Qiu remains a favorite of online gambling players.

This is because Qiu Qiu provides many options for betting when played. You can make many types of bets and not just bet win or lose. In the Qiu Qiu game, players can place a side bet or bet on the side. The opportunity to place a side bet is definitely an opportunity for all of you to get more money. If you want to win more money, you can place many types of bets when playing Qiu Qiu.

Where to Play Qiu Qiu?

Qiu qiu can be played in almost any types of domino website. We suggest that you try dominoqq online as a great alternative. This place can offer you affordable types of games. And best of all, you can play with many games. Have fun with trying qiu qiu online. / Dy

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